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I asked this question of my current ladies who are doing the Spring round of Happier Healthier Fitter.


I had a think about this the other day, for myself. We all have the generic reasons – to be healthier, to be fitter, to lose weight, to look good.

But why else?

For exercise that is more cardiovascular – I go for walks because it is my “time out”, my “me time”. I love taking an hour or so to get out of the house, away from chaos, and just WALK. Nothing flash, I don’t have flash active wear, flash headphones, nothing to show off. Just me, my cheapie headphones and the fresh air. I love it. If I can get to a beach for my walk, I’m an even happier girl!!

So yes, walking is good for your fitness,  but it’s also fantastic for your mind.

Swimming, I fell in love with it last year. It is a fantastic workout, and I can work really hard without getting stinky and without aggravating any of my myriad of injuries.

For weight training – Yes, I am working on my strength to make day to day life easier, to give me a nicer shape, and to decrease my risk of osteoporosis. I also lift weights because I have been working hard on rehabilitation work – old injuries that I never got around to getting fixed. I’ve spent the past 2 years, more so the last year, seeing a Physiotherapist, and working on strengthening my body to reduce the impact daily life has on me, and how easily I injure myself. It’s been a hard road, but it is really paying off.

And if I’m totally honest? I lift weights because it makes me feel badass.

It really does. There’s something about it. Especially if I wear my weight lifting gloves. I feel like I have this superhuman strength for a couple of hours after. I quite enjoy the jelly muscles too, after a really good workout.

And besides all these reasons, no matter what the exercise is, I just feel… BETTER. Happier. Saner. So yeah, there’s heaps of reasons why we SHOULD exercise. But there’s a lot of other reasons that are personal to ourselves, as well.

Wanna fess up below, let me know why YOU exercise? Don’t be shy!

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That’s all from me this week. Back soon with more gossip!